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Baby Drops

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For Your Baby contains Bifidobacterium breve M-16V® has been scientifically researched in thousands of babies and young children. It has been shown to reach the gut alive, improve digestive health and reduce symptoms of allergy. 

Gluten Free
No Refrigeration Needed


  • Product Description
  • How to Use
  • Ingredients
  • Safety Information

Product Description

OptiBac Probiotics 'Baby Drops' is a liquid probiotic supplement created especially for babies and young children. It contains Bifidobacterium breve M-16V®, which has been scientifically researched in thousands of babies & young children, and proven to reach the gut alive.

This high-quality strain has been shown in numerous gold standard clinical trials to encourage a healthy gut environment in infants by increasing levels of Bifidobacteria. It has also been shown to inhibit pathogens associated with various symptoms including colic and eczema, and may also reduce symptoms of allergy and asthma.

The easy-to-use drops are safe for daily use from birth onwards, in both breastfed and formula-fed babies. Each 0.3ml (8 drops) dose provides 1 billion live microorganisms, guaranteed until date of expiry*. This safe, natural, flavourless supplement is non-GMO, suitable for vegans, and free from sugar, artificial colours, preservatives, dairy and gluten. Unlike many other probiotic supplements, ‘For your baby’ does not require refrigeration, and the liquid is shelf stable if stored in a dry place below 77°F (25°C).**

All OptiBac Probiotics strains are thoroughly researched and documented, so you can be confident that you're giving your baby a safe, high quality supplement. Each pack contains a 30-day supply.

*Once opened, use within 30 days
**OptiBac Probiotics recommend refrigerating this product if administering drops directly into baby's mouth

How to Use

Instructions For Use

Dosage: For babies & children from birth onwards, give 0.3ml (typically 8 drops).
Administration: Fill dropper to line (0.3ml) and give once a day with a feed in any of the following ways: Directly into the mouth*, on a spoon, in a bottle of formula or expressed breastmilk, on a clean finger (one drop at a time), on the nipple (a drop or two at a time). For older children, mix the drops into cool, non-acidic food or drink.

Once opened use within 30 days. Do not wash the dropper.
*Refrigerate if using dropper directly into the mouth, otherwise no refrigeration necessary when stored in a cool dry place below 25°C.



  • Medium chain triglyceride oil (plant source);
  • Probiotic live cultures: (Bifidobacterium breve M- 16V®);
  • Emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (plant source)

Safety Information

OptiBac Probiotics are safe for occasional or long-term daily use. Do not exceed recommended daily dosage. Live cultures are not recommended for very premature babies or babies with short bowel syndrome, unless under a doctor’s care.

If your child has any serious medical condition, you should consult their doctor before use. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle.